logo grefaGrupo para la Rehabilitación de la Fauna Autóctona y su Hábitat (GREFA)

Domicile: Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain

GREFA is an NGO founded in 1981 and dedicated to the conservation of nature. Since then, it has been consolidated as a reference thanks to its projects aimed at the generation of biodiversity, with special attention to the native fauna with more conservation problems. Its focal point is the Wildlife Hospital, from which different local, national and international projects derive, either alone or through agreements with other governmental and non-governmental organizations. Member of IUCN since 2014. Declared a Public Utility Entity in Spain in April 2011. Its work has been recognized by the award of two of the most prestigious environmental prizes, that of the BBVA Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (2016) and the Fondena (2015).

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logo alavaDiputación Foral de Álava – Arabako Foru Aldundia (DFA-AFA)

Headquarters: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain

The Department of Environment and Urban Planning of the Provincial Council of Álava has assigned the areas of the integral cycle of water, environment and landscape, conservation of nature, natural spaces, biodiversity, flora and fauna, renewable energies, planning and information of the territory, management and urban discipline and others indicated by the legal system, in accordance with the provisions of the Provincial Decree 132/2015, of July 3, by which the Departments of the Diputación Foral de Álava are determined for the 2015-2019 legislature.


logo fnpFundació Natura Parc (FNP)

Domicile: Santa Eugenia, Mallorca, Spain

The Natura Parc Foundation was established as a non-profit organization in 2001 and its principles of action are based on the protection and conservation of the natural environment of the Balearic Islands. It offers its services to nature and, at the same time, to all the social strata of the Balearic Islands, through its charitable function with an eminently educational and informative element. In 2010, it executed a two-year contract from the Department of Environment of the Government of the Balearic Islands, to launch the plan to reintroduce the Bonelli's Eagle in Mallorca.


logo ganGestión Ambiental de Navarra S.A. (GAN)

Headquarters: Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

Environmental Management Navarra S.A. is a public company of the Government of Navarre. Since 1982, it has been working in support of the Department of Rural Development, Environment and Local Administration, specifically in the planning and management of biodiversity in Navarra. The work areas in which it carries out its activity are: planning and management of biodiversity in the Natura 2000 Network, in the Regional System of Protected Areas, in habitats and species of flora and fauna; fluvial ecosystem management, environmental assessment; communication, participation and public use, and geographic information systems. It has been the coordinating partner of the LIFE BONELLI project (LIFE12 NAT / ES / 000701). In general, GAN-NIK supports the same Department with knowledge and management in different areas: natural environment, agrodiversity, forest management, hunting and fish farming management, control and pollution networks (water, air, waste landfills…), impact on the environment of human activities, etc.


logo navarra


logo ispraIstituto Superiore per la Protezione e Ricerca Ambientale (ISPRA)

Headquarters: Rome, Italy

ISPRA was created in 2008 and acts under the supervision and general guidance of the Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea of ​​Italy. Its institutional duties include the control of the situation and tendencies of the populations of wild species at national level, contributing its knowledge on the application of several directives and international agreements. It acts as an advisory agency for governmental and local authorities in the conservation of nature and other related issues of regulation of hunting and the management and conservation of mammals and birds.


logo lpoLigue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO)

Domicile: Rochefort, France
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Founded in 1912, LPO has been recognized as an organization of public interest since 1986 and is the representative of BirdLife International in France since 1993. It has over 46,000 members and is the first nature conservation association in France. It works continually in favour of the protection of species, the conservation of spaces and environmental education. It has been a promoter in France of the raptor protection law since 1972. your social media marketing partner