Who is who?

The Scientific Committee of the AQUILA a-LIFE project is composed of five members: one French, one Italian and three Spanish. In 2020 we suffered the sad loss of one of them, Matteo Griggio, here is our obituary.


Members of the Scientific Committee of the AQUILA a-LIFE

cc morgantiMichelangelo Morganti

Researcher at the National Research Council of Italy. He has studied the lesser kestrels ecology and conservation in Italy and is currently Project Manager of LIFE FALKON. He has a keen interest in movement ecology, and he promoted various tracking projects ranging from passerines to herons. 



cc olivier duriezOlivier Duriez

Researcher at the CEFE, University of Montpellier, working with raptors for 15 years mainly with vultures, osprey, eagles, kites and falcons. His research topics combine individual behaviour, population ecology, and eco-physiology. He is scientific advisor of 7 national action plans to preserve raptors in France, including Bonelli's eagles.




cc jose I aguirreJosé I. Aguirre

Assistant Professor and Researcher at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has been using different model species such as the White stork in Madrid and the Bonelli's eagle in Aragón and Mallorca to explore spatial ecology and movements under a conservation perspective.




cc a romanAntonio-Román Muñoz

Professor in the Department of Animal Biology at the University of Málaga. His professional interests include biogeographical studies, species distribution modelling and the application of both to management and conservation. He devoted his doctoral thesis to studying the factors that determine the distribution of Bonelli's eagle in Spain.




cc a maderoAgustín Madero

He works in the Jaén delegation of the Junta de Andalucía, dealing with the conservation of birds of prey at regional level, specifically the Spanish imperial eagle and the Bonelli's eagle, with a high and wide experience in management techniques such as reintroduction, captive breeding, etc.

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