The reinforcement and reintroduction actions of Bonelli's Eagles through hacking or rural upbringing will be carried out in Álava, Navarra, the Community of Madrid and Sardinia. Precisely the incorporation of this Italian island as a new area of ​​reintroduction of the species in the western Mediterranean is one of the main novelties of the project, where it is expected to release specimens, both chicks through hacking and from wildlife recovery centers. Hacking is the most effective method to fix a raptor with a marked philopatric instinct, such as the Bonelli's Eagle. During the duration of the project actions will also be developed in favor of the new breeding population of the Bonelli's Eagle in Mallorca.

In parallel, AQUILA a-LIFE intends to work in many other areas of the Natura 2000 Network, to monitor the population, make GPS markings and, above all, to tackle the correction of power lines dangerous for the Bonelli's Eagle and other species.


Puntos de reintroducción y reforzamiento

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