Description and goals

With the aim of contributing to the recovery of the Bonelli's Eagle in the western Mediterranean.

Bonelli's Eagle reintroduced with its visible transmitter

AQUILA a-LIFE wants to contribute to increase the extension of the presence of the Bonelli's Eagle in the western Mediterranean and reverse its regressive population trend, to help the restoration of the ecosystems where it once lived. The project aims to work in favour of the recovery of the species over a large geographic area at a meta-population scale (not so much at the scale of small local populations).

To this aim, the release of specimens is contemplated, following a methodology demonstrated previously as effective in the LIFE Bonelli project, including areas where these releases have had positive results (Madrid, Navarra and Álava), and applying the experience accumulated in new areas such as Sardinia. In fact, the AQUILA a-LIFE project can be considered as a second phase of LIFE BONELLI, since projects of reintroduction or reinforcement of wildlife populations often require several stages of development.

Another essential line of work of AQUILA a-LIFE will address the main current threats to the Bonelli’s Eagle, with special emphasis on preventing and reducing electrocutions, through joint work with key sectors such as electricity companies, local administrations and experts in the field.

Since the Bonelli’s Eagle shares its problems (especially electrocution) with other species of raptors, these will also benefit from the actions of this project, such as the Iberian Imperial Eagle, the Golden Eagle and the Short-toed Eagle, among others.

Adult female Bonelli's Eagle intended for captive breeding


  1. Increase the number of territorial couples in areas of historical presence in the centre and north of the Iberian Peninsula and in Sardinia.
  2. Reduce the risk of Bonelli's Eagles and other birds dying electrocuted in their natural area, both inside and outside the protected zones.
  3. Carry out a rigorous assessment of the conservation status of the Mediterranean meta-population of the Bonelli’s Eagle, assessing the effectiveness of the implemented measures for their recovery and defining the following steps, counting on all the relevant participants in the project.
  4. Involve the hunting sector and others in the recovery and management of the Bonelli's Eagle through an active role, to increase the acceptance of the species.
  5. Understand what kind of impact the reintroduction of a super-predator such as the Bonelli's Eagle has on the ecosystem of an island in the Mediterranean.
  6. Reduce the risk of Bonelli's Eagles and other birds drowning in irrigation ponds or cattle rafts, or suffer collisions with barbed wire fences of trellis vineyards.
  7. Increase the competition between the Bonelli's Eagle and the Golden Eagle in its historical breeding territories.
  8. Increase the respect of society towards the Bonelli's Eagle in particular, and raptors in general. your social media marketing partner