Scientific manifesto

Pareja de águilas de Bonelli

The aim of the manifesto prepared by the Scientific Committee of AQUILA a-LIFE is to promote future scientific studies on the Bonelli's eagle and provide scientific support to LIFE projects aimed at the conservation of this raptor.

In addition, the LIFE ConRaSi project, working with the Bonelli's eagle in Sicily, as well as the project LIFE Bonelli EastMed, devoted to the recovery of the species in Greece and Cyprus, have also joined our manifesto.

You can download the Scientific Committee of AQUILA a-LIFE (PDF), available in English.


LIFE ConRaSi LIFE Bonelli eastMed



El Comité Científico de AQUILA a-LIFE difunde un manifiesto sobre prioridades de investigación relacionadas con el águila de Bonelli your social media marketing partner